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A red!

Posted on January 02 2014

2014 is here and we couldn't be more excited! We have many exciting things in store for you!
It seems that the beginning of a new year, there is a sense of re-invention...a re-fresh....a re-start. 
For those of you looking for a change-up, start with something simple! We're so excited to feature Jaclyn Hill !
She's a professional makeup artist who is beautiful inside and out! We just love all of the tips and tricks
that she shares throughout her videos.  Check them out on her youtube channel! We chose to feature the
Classic Red Lip video because it's a great trick to change things up.  It's our go-to when we are running out the door
and have no time to put on makeup.  It adds color to the face, brightens, and makes you look pulled together in seconds! 
If you haven't tried the red lip look, don't be afraid! Step out of the box and with the help of Jaclyn Hill, try it out!




Jaclyn Hill website:

Jaclyn Hill Youtube: